Technical Needs


Tech Requirements
Cost Maintenance and Operations
Interoperable with SIS
3 USDLC Inc.      
5 Apex Nothing unusual      
12 Plato      
33 ITV        
52 Clovis Community College        
57 Portales Municipal Schools        
59 Clovis Community College Internet Connection, such as Blackboard, WebCT      
83 Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School We have 2 servers (one in Pennsylvania and one in Rio Rancho. The computers used are Windows XP with headphones and Graphire Writing Tablets. Additional servers owned by Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School are also accessed. The software used is InterWise and Blackboard.      
88 Online Expert CD Drive      
29000 WNMU Static IP Address, T1 or equivelent      
? Nova Net Windows XP, Internet Access      
Robert F. Kennedy Charter School Lincoln Curriculum commercial website   50000 No
SSLC E2020, Platinum Learning, Red Comet, A+, and My Skills Tutor. n/a