Results of Initiatives

Positive academic changes?
Kinds of Change
29 WNMU   We havent used it enough to know. We havent used it enough to know.
3 USDLC Inc.   Our Online students had to learn how to work independently and without direct intruction.  
5 Apex   Just started this summer  
33 ITV   Right now classes are taught in one classroom at Hobbs High, we are planning on extending to an IP setup, so instruction could be video conference from any classroom in the district.  
52 Clovis Community College   Students are able to accumulate college credits and highschool classes.  
57 Portales Municipal Schools   We have seen many students who were not successful in the traditional setting be very successful here, several of them would have quit school without this option Interviewing Students
59 Clovis Community College   Greater Opportunities Speaking with students and their parents
12 Plato   They get to graduate. School based assessment
83 Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School   Some fairly good improvement noted although we are just completing our first year. State testing, software specific assessments
88 Online Expert   Collaboration with Gallup schools, New online PD Minimum use
? NovaNet   Students recovering credits and short cycle assessment scores increasing Power Standards, SRI
7 ITV      
Creative Education Preparatory Institute #1 Nova Net/ Plato/ A+ yes More eeb and at home use by the students short term and credits earned
Robert F. Kennedy Charter School Lincoln Curriculum   too soon to tell Princeton Review
Southwest Secondary Learning Center E2020, Platinum Learning, Red Comet, A+, and My Skills Tutor.   reading improvement State Testing
1 Nova Net   increased # students graduating, increase in test scores, decrease in dropout & at-risk rates, increased student self esteem BASI, internal software assessments (module and end of course assessments), credits earned
21 Apex   Students taking online concurrent courses are more independent and acquire a good grasp of college requirements required for academic course work. This question may or may not be relevant to the changes that can be noted in student learning outcomes. Not all changes can be measured by standardized teting, however they may have a significant impact on student learning.
21 NMJC   same as a bove same as above