Professional Development


PD Delivery Method
Extra Cost?
3 USDLC Inc online 2 months School Year Yes   Yes, could have been better
5 Apex online 3 hrs School Year Yes    
12 Plato onsite 8 hrs School Year Yes    
33 ITV onsite   School Year      
52 Clovis Community College onsite   Summer      
57 Portales Municipal Schools onsite 4 weeks Summer No   Done by district
59 Clovis Community College onsite   Summer      
83 Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School onsite Numerous days over several months School Year Yes    
88 Online Expert online one year School Year      
29000 WNMU onsite one day School Year      
? Nova Net onsite 2 days School Year      
31 SSLC E2020, Platinum Learning, Red Comet, A+, and My Skills Tutor. Blended on-going School year No 12000  
RFK Lincoln Curriculum Blended 3 School year Yes 10000  
66 CEPi1 Nova Net/ Plato/ A+ Onsite 4 days School year Yes 20